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Your coach, friend, cheerleader, and amplifier.

 Galia Pennekamp

Get support from someone who cares as deeply as you do.

I’m guessing for years, despite your successes, you’ve known there’s more out there—more experiences, creativity, and connections. You want your life to have more meaning and often ask yourself, “what will my legacy be?” You have a desire to grow and make a difference but aren’t sure how to do this without getting burned out or adding to the overwhelm. I get it! I’ve 100% been there which is why I’m now here, to share my expertise, and help you find your way.

“Whether you are [in business], or simply a human being, you will no doubt benefit from having Galia in your corner, showing you there is always more.”

- Alexis Cohen

I LOVE being a coach—like scream it from the mountain tops, that first sip of coffee, type of love for helping people. 

Witnessing the transformation experienced by those I get to work with—there’s nothing better!

Coaching leaders is my jam and I’m wildly passionate about helping you transform your organization, company, or personal life in ways that are strategic, effective, and human. 

I'm here to help you step into your unique leadership and truly own your choices. 

Ready to change your life?

 Galia Pennekamp

Galia (gal-ē-ah)! In case you’re wondering, my name is Hebrew, I’m half English half Cuban, and a cafeteria-Catholic. 

Paper Abstract

Passionate about empowering others.

Having straddled so many different multicultural worlds professionally, I bring a deep sense of empathy and clear communication to my coaching. My strong relatability and negotiation skills provide me with the confidence to tackle big challenges and not be intimidated by titles or crises. I like to keep it real while being sensitive to knowing what you need and when. 

My coaching is exceptionally effective, fun, and empowering. It’s centered on creating a win-win-win outcome. 

Our work together can help you

  • Go from feeling just okay or good to feeling fantastic, clear, and accomplished

  • Create a strategic, actionable plan to finally find focus and build momentum

  • Prioritize joy, playfulness, light, and fun moments throughout each day

  • Integrate leadership skills into all areas of life so you can be whole, happy, and the leader you want to be

Education and specialty training

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation

  • Certified in Transition Management

  • Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Master Practitioner

  • COR.E Transitions Dynamics™ Specialist

  • Certified Professional Coach, from iPEC 

  • M.S., Early Childhood Education

  • B.A., Elementary Education

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On a personal note

When I'm not working with my wonderful clients you can find me boating, snow skiing, doing yoga, or going for a long walk or hike. I absolutely love spending time with people who stretch my mind and heart—like my partner and three adult children. I'm also a morning person who loves puzzles and pizza!

 Galia Pennekamp

Ready to grow, experiment, and play bigger?

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