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Non-Profit Coaching & Consulting

Helping you develop effective leaders and execute fundraising, partnerships, and engagement strategies

 Galia Pennekamp

Galia’s coaching...allowed me to out-raise my intended budget by almost 20% and to confidently expand my network on the basis of my vision for educational equity...” 

- Luisa Santos

Are you spending time and energy on things you’re not sure are even working anymore?

We know you’re passionate about your work but feel burned out. We get it! Non-profit work can feel unforgiving at times. Plus, since you’re often in reactive mode, you haven’t had time to come up for air and adequately evaluate how the organization is actually doing. 

We are here to help! We will conduct a thorough assessment to help you determine what’s working and what is no longer working. Together we’ll reignite and reinspire your staff and board, establish clear deliverables that align with your goals, help you develop sustainable fundraising plans, build strategic partnerships—and most importantly—give you a chance to pause, reflect, and celebrate the things that are going great.

“After one conversation with Galia, I received clarity into a specific problem that I had. She even supported me after our initial call!”

- Paty Mariposa

How We Can Work Together

Today, more than ever, leaders are challenged with doing more with less and navigating uncertainty. We can support you and your organization to become more intentional and strategic while remaining aligned with your values and mission.

Leading a non-profit doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. It’s time to determine why you’re doing what you do and what needs to change.

Let’s reengage your team and board members! It’s powerful and priceless when your organization’s members and stakeholders know and share their why for being a part of your mission.

Let’s improve the culture, maximize opportunities, and eliminate redundancy.

Which of these things do you need right now?

  • Individual and team coaching

  • Donor cultivation and stewardship strategy

  • Strategic fundraising planning

  • Workshops and professional development

  • Identify and onboard new leaders (staff & board)

  • Volunteer management and stewardship plan

  • Board workshops and retreats

  • Stakeholder focus groups

  • Train staff in the areas of donor cultivation and stewardship

  • Administer Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessments 

  • Energy leadership workshops

The Energy leadership Index (ELI) is an attitudinal assessment that describes how you approach life, relationships, tasks, and situations under optimal and stressful situations. Your debrief will offer you a window to your energy and how you might want to show up differently. Using the ELI as our map, we can discover how you can live and lead powerfully, authentically, and with a lot less stress.

Your team is tired, and you know something needs to change. We're here to help!

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