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Florida Keynote Speaker

Galia Pennekamp loves to ignite audiences to see their potential and take action. She inspires executives, higher-education students, membership groups, and fundraisers to transform difficult life transitions into growth periods, embrace challenges, uncover resilience, and identify the core focuses for their careers and lives.

With her spirited speaking style and warm, calm demeanor, Galia challenges her audiences to bring the best of themselves into their work by identifying their core values and ensuring there is alignment between their purpose and their profession. She empowers audiences with compassion and vigor so they can confidently move forward, make bold professional decisions, or chart new courses for their organizations. 

 Galia Pennekamp

“Galia is an empathetic, eloquent, and compassionate speaker who knows how to speak to your soul. Her quiet power, calm demeanor, and graceful confidence are unmatched!”

- Luly B. Carrera/SPARK w/Luly B.

"In her keynote, Galia was authentic, vulnerable, relatable, engaging, and inspiring. Women left the event feeling empowered to ask for what they wanted and inspired to lift other women. Now, months after the event, people are still talking about how uplifting it was."

- Meredith Morgan/The General Insurance


Signature Keynotes

Speak Up and Call People In

Everywhere we look, listen, and read, name-calling is rampant, and in our society, our differences seem to matter more than our commonalities. During this talk, Galia Pennekamp discusses why instead of calling people out, we should call them in. She demonstrates how to encourage dialogue and participate in necessary and needed conversations.

During this presentation, you will learn to:

  • Speak up from a place of confidence and conviction while making space for different points of view

  • Get comfortable with the uncomfortable feelings that come up when having difficult conversations

  • Speak your truth and invite others to do the same

Why we Tell Our Stories

Talking about ourselves isn’t easy and opening up to a group can make us feel vulnerable and isolated. But learning to speak about ourselves and tell our stories is a key tool that can lead to important connections, both personally and professionally, and open us up to opportunities we may not have foreseen.

During this presentation, you will learn to:


  • Talk about your pivotal life experiences in inspiring and impactful ways

  • Interpret the difference between a contamination and a redemption story

  • Read an audience to gauge the reactions and realizations you want

Navigate Transitions with Confidence and Gratitude

Sometimes change happens when we want it to; sometimes it occurs unexpectedly. No matter the situation, it is possible to feel confident and empowered as we learn to live with our new normal—but that depends on how we choose to respond. Drawing from her own experience charting a career in multiple fields, Galia Pennekamp shows audiences how to separate facts from emotion as we process change and welcome its positive effects on our lives.

During this presentation, you will learn to:

  • Use your transitions as stepping stones to growth and wisdom

  • Acknowledge, accept, and embrace the emotions that arise

  • Release expectations in order to receive endless possibilities

The Power of Relationship Building

Amid today’s stresses and pressures, we sometimes side step one-on-one interactions in an effort to focus on the bottom line. But if we invest time and patience in relationships, we can make strides in our careers and uncover necessary support systems as we move through challenges. 


During this presentation, you will learn to:


  • Distinguish the critical differences between being transactional and relational

  • Explore how to give relationships the space they need to thrive

  • Discover how to communicate in specificities versus generalities

Overcome Obstacles Through a Growth Mindset

Every day is an opportunity for a fresh start. And when we adopt a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset, we will never again feel stuck in our lives or careers. A growth mindset enables us to embrace challenges, find lessons and inspiration from others as well as ourselves, and become a life-long learner. ​


During this presentation, you will learn to:


  • Identify, cultivate, and take healthy risks

  • Persist during tough times

  • Learn from others through praise and curiosity

Relationship-Driven Fundraising
The high-stakes world of fundraising is frequently filled with stress and intensity. But Galia Pennekamp shows audiences how this focus on solely raising money is a flawed practice for organizations and businesses. Instead, fundraisers should learn to build relationships with funders and organizations who share your group’s goals and purpose. Through genuine conversations, you will know when to invite, propose, or shift your ask.

During this presentation, you will learn to:

  • Ask questions that open hearts and minds

  • Listen to what the person is and is not saying 

  • Tell a story that invites the listener to engage 

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Speaking & Media Bio

Galia Pennekamp is a multicultural leadership coach and consultant specializing in strategy execution, talent development, change management, and team and executive leadership coaching—working within both the corporate and NGO sectors. With a formal background in education, Galia has led multi-million-dollar fundraising campaigns and coached executives in leadership within companies, including Amazon, Dollar General, Itau Bank, EasyJet, Polen Capital, Waste Management, Braven, and Chief. As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Galia helps changemakers step into their unique leadership, confidently tell their stories, and truly own their choices. In addition to her coaching, Galia is a Step into Your Moxie® Certified Facilitator, Conscious Business Institute Certified™, an Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Master Practitioner, a COR.E Transitions Dynamics Specialist, a Certified Professional Coach from iPEC, and is certified in Transition Management.

Galia’s coaching...allowed me to out-raise my intended budget by almost 20% and to confidently expand my network on the basis of my vision for educational equity...” 

- Luisa Santos

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