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Develop the confidence, clarity, and focus needed to step into your unique leadership skills, in all areas of life

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Quit trying so hard. It’s okay to slow down, it’s okay to ask for help, and it is possible to experience joy in learning and discovering.

If you’re like many of the wonderful people I get to work with you’re probably super stressed out, worried about the next big (or small) thing, struggling to make time for yourself and others, generally unfulfilled. You have a deep sense that something is misaligned. Do you still feel far from achieving the goals you set for yourself forever ago? 

It’s time to breathe easy my friend because I’m here to help. No matter your role, industry, or stage of life, I’ve got your back. We’ll work closely together to get to the root of what’s standing in your way and map out a strategy to get you through to the other side.

“I experienced new and better thoughts, ideas, and strategies in business and life. [Galia] believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself.”

- Sarah Magnoni

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Here’s How I Help

Individual Coaching

Need to learn how to speak up or set better boundaries? Struggling with imposter syndrome, an unexpected transition, or having difficult conversations? I’ll help you find the joy (seriously, we’re going to have so much fun together!) in navigating both personal and professional challenges. We’ve got this!

Executive Leadership Coaching

If you’re reading this column you’ve likely got a pretty stressful job and one of the reasons you’re still doing it is because it pays well. There’s nothing wrong with that! But there is something wrong with feeling like you have to suffer through it. You don’t have to wait until your career is over to be happy. I’m here to show you how.

Non-Profit Coaching

You’re so in the weeds of it, and often in reactive mode, that you haven’t had time to come up for air and properly evaluate how the organization is doing and where it’s going. From developing leaders within the organization, improving your fundraising strategy, onboarding stakeholders, team coaching, and conducting thorough assessments, I can help you get back on track in no time.

“[Galia] helped me understand and navigate a lot of the feelings and emotions that I’ve typically tried to harness myself. [She helped me] fill my tool bag to get through the day-to-day. I feel a sense of relief after we chat."

- Pat Sharrow

You’re ready to take decisive action.

I’m here to show you how. Book a complimentary discovery call today.

Not Your Typical Coach

Think of me more like- part coach, part friend, part cheerleader, and a deep listener who knows when to call you out or build you up.

I’m a silver-linings kinda chick who prefers to keep it real. Being deeply empathetic allows me to know exactly how to show up for you in each moment, based on where you’re at and what you need at any given time.

My multicultural, lived experience, both personally and professionally enables me to be comfortable working in any space, in any industry, and with any leader—no matter your status or experience.

Let’s connect and begin building some real ah-ha moments together. I’m ready when you are!

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