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Leadership Development & Training 

Small and large-scale leadership & team programs for today’s workplace

Our trainings

Hiring Great Talent

Designed to help hiring managers:


  • Identify and hire great talent

  • Guidance for the interviewing and hiring process 

  • Learn to create an environment of success where new hires thrive


After participating in Hiring Great Talent, you’ll be more confident during the interviewing process, know how to choose a great hire, and develop a powerful addition to the team.   

Aligning Goals With Strategy

Providing managers with the necessary resources to: 


  • Communicate clear expectations

  • Set SMART goals

  • Practice effective follow-up techniques 

After participating in Aligning Goals With Strategy, you’ll be able to understand the importance of having goals that align with company strategy. And Identify obstacles that hinder accomplishing these goals.

Clear Expectations & Effective Feedback

Set clear expectations with employees, answering the question, “What does success look like for your role?” 


  • Practice a simple yet powerful four-step, intentional feedback model 

  • Understand the impact of team behaviors and performance 

  • Building collaborative solutions between the leader and employee


After participating in Clear Expectations & Effective Feedback, you’ll feel more confident and influential.

Developing Others Through Coaching 

Differentiating managing and coaching and the benefits of being a coach as a leader:


  • Identify and leverage coaching moments

  • Practice a powerful coaching dialogue 

  • Use appreciative questioning

  • Increase motivation for positive and lasting performance change 


After participating in Developing Others Through Coaching leaders will learn how to facilitate peer-to-peer coaching circles and avoid common coaching mistakes

Workplace Allyship: Show Up, Speak Up, and Center Marginalized Voices

How to show up as allies for those from underrepresented backgrounds:


  • Explore the mindset and behaviors required to show up as an ally in the workplace.

  • Develop communication strategies and prompts to make a habit of creating safety and belonging 

  • Identify key behaviors that demonstrate allyship


After participating in Workplace Allyship (a Step into Your Moxie® workshop) you’ll learn how to prioritize the impact of actions and behaviors over the intentions behind them.

Daring Conversations

Navigating conversions involving disagreement or conflict:


  • Shift conversations from difficult to daring

  • Create and sustain better relationships

  • Engender more trust

  • Manage stress Prevent resentment and burnout


After participating in Daring Conversations (a Step into Your Moxie® workshop), participants will develop the self-awareness and tools to avoid staying silent, ruminating, or winging high-stakes conversations.

Build talent from within and become a learning organization

In today's fast-paced world, successful leaders are those who can adapt and learn quickly. They effortlessly lead their teams in virtual settings and navigate the ever-changing landscape. They lean into uncomfortable conversations about diversity, equity, inclusion, and performance, fostering understanding and belonging. 


Exceptional leaders are defined by their ability to thrive in uncertainty and rapidly acquire new skills. Leaders who cling to outdated practices and resist change pose the greatest risk to their organizations.

It's time to prioritize leadership development. Embrace the challenges, seize the opportunities, and develop the kind of leaders and teams who step forward with agility, empathy, and an unwavering thirst for growth. 


Your success, and the success of your organization, depends on it.

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Humanity is vital in the workplace

We are experts in creating hands-on adult learning experiences that lead to improved behavior change and culture. We deliver a collaborative learning environment where participants can practice skills and solve real problems.

Our custom-designed training and development services promote a culture of continuous improvement and inspire employees to set a new standard of excellence in their workplace. We make the learning stick by offering pre- and post-training support.

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