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Executive & Team Coaching

For purpose-driven industry leaders

Christina Lorenzo Photo

“Galia guided me to recalibrate my work-life balance while transitioning into a senior management role that doubled my team. 

I was eager to elevate my leadership roles but also anxious about how I might lose myself in my work.


Galia's coaching helped uncover what lit me up and what drained me. Now, I can focus more on the opportunities that energize me and decline those that don’t.”  


- Christina Lorenzo, CHEST

Build trust, empower your team, and achieve your goals.

Checking KPIs and ROIs is great, but if you’re not checking in with your gut and authentic self, you’re limiting your capacity to make an impact.

​A transformational leader inspires and communicates vision, builds trust, empowers stakeholders, and is open to feedback, failure, and growth. 

Learn how to leverage confidence, relatability, and vulnerability to transform your company or organization in strategic, effective, and human ways. 

Galia Pennekamp

Learn how to make effective decisions, communicate clearly, and drive success

From adapting to new circumstances to embracing innovation and navigating transitions, we’re here to help.

At Galia Coaching, we partner and equip your leaders with the skills and mindset to attract and retain the best-fit team members. Together, we’ll help you increase your team’s productivity while maintaining a healthy work environment.

This is an inside job. To be an external powerhouse, you have to do the work on the inside. It’s about learning to integrate your talents, strengths, and magic to show up as your authentic self in all areas of life. It’s time to abandon the idea of a “work you” versus an “at-home you.”  

If you want a better relationship with yourself and others, we are here to help.

One-on-one and group coaching provides:

  • Accountability

  • Creating balance

  • Skill development

  • Objective feedback

  • Valuable self-reflection

  • Focus on long-term growth

  • Support in overcoming challenges

“When discussing ways to improve my leadership, Galia’s passion for helping and supporting me shone through. I’ve actively changed how I support my team, work with senior leaders, and built my confidence in my own ability.”

- Simon Prior,  EasyJet

70% Increase
  • Goal attainment

  • Clearer communication

  • Higher satisfaction

50% increate in team performace
  • Better conversations

  • Improved collaboration

  • Enhanced work performance

48% increase in revenue
  • Increase in revenue

  • Increase in employee retention

  • Customers as advocates

"Executive coaching has a 788% return on investment (ROI)... including increased productivity and employee retention.”

– A Metrix Global study

Coaching = Successful Behavioral Change

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